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Child Welfare Open Space Meet Up - Shared screen with speaker view
Casey Anbender
Live Q & A will begin shortly - please feel free to submit your questions here. Thank you!
Judge Kromkowski
Please speak to how you sequester witnesses if necessary.
Hon. Brenda E. Sprader
Judge Sprader from Muskegon here….I only use zoom recording too.
Hon. Brenda E. Sprader
Because the parents can’t speak to their attorneys during the hearing….do you allow them an opportunity to speak during the hearing. I have and sometimes it is ok and sometimes it is a bad idea.
Karla Mallett
Ho do you handle exhibits
Ron Foster
Do you see the "Zoom process" continuing in the future as an ongoing option?
Casey Anbender
Great info from Kent County's Judge Feeney that we want to make sure everyone can see/read! From Kathleen Feeney to All Panelists: 12:42 PMAt the start of the hearing, we advise all witnesses that they cannot watch the live stream on YouTube and that they cannot have contact with anyone who is testifying. We also order that no one can record the live stream and rebroadcast it. When a sequestered witness is called to testify, that person is brought out of the waiting room and then can be asked if they were contacted by anyone who observed the hearing or watched the live stream. There has also been discussion about delaying the live stream until immediately after the hearing, per the SCAO bench card that was recently sent around.
Casey Anbender
From Kathleen Feeney to All Panelists: 12:44 PMExhibits: exchange exhibits ahead of time and number them. Or you can "share" them on the Zoom screen.
Hon. Brenda E. Sprader
Thank you all very much!